Mitre 10 Cup Rd 1 - Southland v Otago

NZ Rugby Grandstand–Week One Mitre 10 Cup

Last week, New Zealand (NZ) Rugby kicked off it's National Provincial Championship. The Mitre 10 Cup will see the top 14 sides in the...
Mitre 10 Cup Rd 2 - Canterbury v Tasman

NZ Rugby Grandstand–Week Two Mitre 10 Cup

Only after a number of weeks, you get the sense that the obsession that people say Kiwi's have for rugby is true. It is...
Mitre 10 Cup Championship Final - Otago v North Harbour

Harbour Seal 2016 Mitre 10 Cup Championship Victory

Last minute victories can sometimes be 'heart stopping' for fans and supporters. For North Harbour (Harbour) followers, they had to wait until the 79th...
Mitre 10 Cup Rd 7 - Waikato v Canterbury

Super Saturday–Midseason Talking Points

Super Saturday brings you a weekly update on the state of New Zealand (NZ) Rugby. This week, we bring you our midseason talking points,...
New Zealand Black Ferns v Australia Wallaroos

2017 Goals for NZ Rugby

Every team needs a goal. There is little; theoretically, between a Heartland Championship provincial team, and a first choice Super Rugby side. They both have a will to win, and the desire to perform over an 80 minute match. That has been, and always will be the strength of New Zealand (NZ) rugby. Across the board, the game is taken seriously and the standards are ingrained from an early age.

Last Word On Rugby MC50 Most Influential Rugby Player Series 15-19

Celebrating our game, Last Word on Rugby have combined the wealth of knowledge from all our staff of writers, to come up with the...
Mitre 10 Cup Championship Semi Final - Wellington v North Harbour

NZ Rugby Grandstand–Mitre 10 Cup Semi Finals

With the regular season behind them, the qualifying teams put all their efforts into the Mitre 10 Cup Semi Finals this weekend in New...

University of Otago Concussion Study in Rugby

In a ground-breaking concussion study by the University of Otago, researchers have been given an opportunity to get inside the heads of Otago rugby...
NZR Farah

Farah Palmer Joins NZR Board & the Rugby Awards 2016

In a fundamental change to the standard make-up of the New Zealand Rugby (NZR) board, former Black Ferns women's team captain Dr Farah Palmer...

NZ Rugby Grandstand–Week Four Mitre 10 Cup

Another week of top-class provincial rugby occurred in New Zealand, with Week Four Mitre 10 Cup in action. It also saw a test match played...