PRO Rugby CEO Becoming Toxic to American Rugby

PRO Rugby CEO takes out frustration with USA Rugby on players. On December 19 PRO Rugby issued a letter to contracted players. The entire letter...

Springbok Rugby Chaos

The Springbok Rugby chaos facing the South African game is alarming and has raised questions from all quarters, as well as drawing a large degree of criticism.

Springbok 2016 Season Worst in History

The Springbok 2016 season will go down in history as their worst season on record and no amount of excuses will address the issues...

Steve Hansen: A Plea To Save Rugby

Dear Mr Hansen, Well that Bledisloe Cup game was something special wasn’t it? Six tries to one consolation effort. That is simply incredible. Hard to...

The Inconvenient Springboks

The Inconvenient Springbok You’re going to need your tinfoil hat for this alternative view on the inconvenient Springboks and how they were duped into an...

The 2016 Springbok Rugby Reality Check

The 2016 Springbok rugby reality check is the result of a number of events which has rocked the foundations of South African Rugby.

Television Replays in Rugby

The use of television replays in rugby could became an embarrassment and requires firm guidance from rugby authorities to ensure that this does not happen.

Rugby Funny Moments Chosen by Last Word on Rugby

As we approach the end of 2016, we thought we would have some fun and pick a few of our favourite rugby funny moments.

South African Rugby Wrap Edition One

The South African Rugby Wrap Edition One takes a look at the opening round of The Rugby Championship as well as the continuation of...

Too Early to Judge John Mitchell’s Performance

American rugby fans are quick to judge coaching performances and John Mitchell's start is not exempt. USA Rugby is attracting fans at an amazing rate....