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Brad Hayward

Located in Newport, South Wales, Brad Hayward is a keen Rugby enthusiast and volunteer within his local community. A WRU qualified Rugby Coach for Mini and Junior Age Grade Rugby, he currently coaches a Regional Girls' Cluster and at local Club level, remaining ambitious to continue to develop his coaching potential. A devoted Supporter of the Dragons Regional pro team, and the semi-pro and amateur Rugby Club's within the Region, Brad was one of the founders, and current Chairman of the Dragons Official Supporters Club. This organisation is dedicated to supporting the game at all levels within the Dragon's Region. Additionally Brad volunteers in a number of roles within the Welsh Rugby Union, supporting the ongoing development and promotion of the Game in Wales. A retired Engineering Officer from the Royal Air Force, Brad has now resettled his family of a wife and 2 sons in South Wales after 18 years located around the country, and is now employed within the Ministry of Defence in Bristol.