Indigo Group Premiership – Matt Silva easing into RGC role

Dafydd Lockyer
Club captains pose ahead of the Indigo Group Premiership launch. (Photo Credit : Mike Jones / Replay Images)

Having joined up with Indigo Group Premiership side RGC1404 late this summer having been released from his role at the Bridgend Ravens, Matt Silva discussed how he tries to make an impression at the North Walian club. 

Short pre-season for Silva

Discussing his short time with the Gogs Silva said, “It’s gone really well. It’s been exciting, I was appointed quite late but I know they’re a good side.

“I’ve coached against them for many years. I know what they’re capable of, I know what an exciting side they are who score lots of tries.

“It was a case a going in there and just stepping back a bit and not making too many changes too quickly. I’ve been trying to work on recruitment.

“They’ve got two fantastic coaches up there in Josh Leach and Latham Tawhai. These guys were holding the helm well before I got there and so I’ve just had to back them and tap into them.”

Indigo Group Premiership
Indigo Group Welsh Premiership captain’s (Photo, credit @vivj33)

Challenging season ahead

Looking ahead to the new 12-team format Silva said, “I was saying last year that I didn’t feel last season would be the tough year, I felt that would be this season.

“Simply because there were 30 games last year, so you could target games and pick up bonus points, losing bonus points, target wins.

“You could even step away from the odd game if you had a weaker side the week after, there were a lot of permutations.

“You look at this season and our first three games are Merthyr at home, Cardiff in the cup and Llandovery away.

“That’s what all sides will face every week, not just RGC. I’m sure it’s an as big a game for Merthyr.”

Silva added, “This year every game will count, the fine lines are tighter, the league is condensed.

Indigo Group Premiership
Team captains pose during the 2019/20 Indigo Group Premiership launch,. (Photo Credit : Mike Jones / Replay Images)

“The sides that went down have lost some of their better players to the 12 remaining teams. I think it’ll see a rise in standards again.”

Long distance travel not an issue

Explaining the RGC travel arrangements Silva insists they can’t be used an excuse, “They generally travel down the night before and stay in the Cardiff area, near the M4 corridor.

“Then they’ll travel 30-40 minutes on a Saturday. They’re used to it now, this side is established.

“It’s quite a young squad but they’ve played together for a while now. I don’t think that’s an issue for them, it can’t be.”

RGC aims for 2019/20 Indigo group Premiership

Silva has set his side high expectations for the season ahead saying, “When I first went up there I knew what the squad are capable of.

“They finished ninth last year because there were so many games where sides were fighting for their lives.

“Realistically this squad should be challenging ourselves for the top six.”


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Dafydd Lockyer
Club captains pose ahead of the Indigo Group Premiership launch. (Photo Credit : Mike Jones / Replay Images)



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