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The freshly sponsored Indigo Group Premiership has seen the BBC and S4C TV deal renewed this summer but, with no extra income for the clubs. 

No cash in fresh Indigo Group Premiership TV deal

Last season’s TV coverage of the then Principality Premiership was applauded by fans and club-men across the country.

Its exposure allowed clubs to show off their wares in front of a larger audience and help them with some indirect income due to the wider exposure.

The old TV deal yielded no income for clubs as it ran off the existing deal that the BBC held from their Pro12 (Now Pro14) coverage days.

The hope was this new deal would change that and help compensate the clubs for any loss of spectators that stay at home to watch the match and then reward them for what turned out to be an enjoyable product for the onlookers.

Robert Rees has obtained information that the new TV deal, unfortunately, yields no direct income for the clubs, but that they hope it will generate income in the coming years.

Premiership clubs hope that now there is a stable structure in place and the relationship with the WRU is much better than it has been, that they can now progress and aim to get money out of this new deal, which is a one-year extension on the old deal.

A Premiership source stated,

“These are the type of things we will discuss going forward now the relationship (WRU and Premiership clubs) is in a stable situation.”

TV coverage forges identity in the club game

The TV coverage last season threw a fresh light upon the Premiership. It enabled the clubs to prove their quality and showcase it on a wider scale.

The extra coverage allowed teams to push for more sponsorship which allowed some teams to earn indirectly from the deal.

Allowing sides to have TV games whilst not losing out on gate receipts would be a massive benefit as they see their funding cut in the coming years to just £70,000.

It would also give the clubs payments for services for the quality product they provide.

Indigo Group Premiership deal

Furthermore, to the lack of cash yielded by the TV deal, the newly named sponsors of the Premiership also offer no income for clubs as of yet.

Collecting this extra funding and where it comes from are key going forward and the clubs and other parties involved are going to start working on improving this scenario for the coming years.

Discussing the new sponsor, WRU Chief Executive Martyn Phillips explained, “We are really pleased and excited to announce Indigo Group as our new Premiership headline sponsor.

“Their energy and the profile they will bring to the clubs and competition will provide a significant boost to the new-look league.

“We’re very committed and excited about the Premiership. We think it can go so much further and see this as another step on the road to that.”

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