Principality Stadium worth £2.75bn to Welsh economy

Principality Stadium worth £2.75bn to Welsh economy
CARDIFF, WALES - JUNE 03: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been digitally enhanced.) A general view of the Millenium Stadium during the UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus FC and Real Madrid on June 03, 2017 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Reinaldo Coddou H./Getty Images)

During it’s 20-year existence, the Principality Stadium has generated £2.75bn for Wales a report reveals. 

A newly published independent report carried out by Econative on behalf of the WRU reveals the value of the stadium is nearly £3bn. That’s the equivalent of £135m and 2500 full-time jobs every year.

The report also highlighted that visitor spending in the area has provided £1.95bn for the local economy.

“Twenty years ago today, when Wales played in front of a part capacity crowd to pull off the first win over South Africa in the history of our game, we all knew we had a very special future ahead of us at our brand new and already iconic national ground,” said WRU chairman Gareth Davies, who also chairs the Stadium’s Board.


Since it’s opening in 1999 the stadium has been home to musical concerts, Monster Jam events and major football finals including both the FA Cup and Champions League. The largest crowd was over 78,000 strong and came in a boxing bout including Anthony Joshua.

The first event held there was Wales vs South Africa in which the hosts picked up a historic victory.

The stadium cost just £121m and is one of only three stadium’s in the UK which boasts a retractable roof (Wimbledon’s centre court and court number one being the others).

The tight-knit bowl design allows for maximum atmosphere and the stadium is rated amongst one of the best sporting arena’s in the world.

The WRU still have £6.2m of debt remaining on the stadium but it has sure left a legacy that will forever be remembered.

Future of the Principality Stadium

Key recommendations made for the future of the Stadium by the report include upgrading existing technology to enhance fan experience, a heritage centre on site, access to a top end hotel – which is a project already put in place by the WRU – and improving and supporting the surrounding travel infrastructure, particularly rail.

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