Saracens Rugby (please hold my Trophies)

The modern saying is ‘hold my beer’ when you have full control over your accomplishments. Yet for Saracens Rugby, a more fitting statement would be ‘please hold my Trophies’ as they continue to dominate the sport.

The video highlights package above is more evidence of their place in the game of rugby union. It shows a comeback that would suit a heroic group, however, Saracens Rugby have developed into a team with excellence at its heart. Their latest comeback was fantastic, yet not unimaginable.

This group, in particular, are fittingly recognized for their recent run of success. The heralded ‘double’ of a Heineken Champions Cup and Gallagher Premiership in 2018/19. That sits well beside victories in 2017/18, and in past years that have made the London club the pride of English rugby union.

Saracens Rugby (please hold my Trophies)

Not a joke either, as even when looked on as a common outcome, no rugby union fan would discount the English clubs recent accomplishments. Sometimes the best sides who win so often are given some leeway – not in the heat of battle, but in public recognition.

Saracens have built up a formidable modern record, that earned the club their first title in 2010/11.

So while Mark McCall and his group strike up one more Premiership, it will have come from the same [or more] amount of hard work, as it has been done previously by other legendary groups. Premiership leaders like Leicester, Bath or Wasps.

The vintage may have changed, yet the effort and combined will is something similar to a Leicester or Northampton effort.

Be that in English club rugby, or in any rugby or sports league.

So the comparison is often the better barometer, for demonstrating how well a team’s achievement sits; in the era or in the sequence of wins.

Comparables; Saracens Rugby versus…..

The only place to begin is, with the Crusaders. This is the famous ‘red and black hoops’ of Canterbury, New Zealand. Here, fans can see many similarities.

The nine-time Super Rugby champions have a strong record in the professional franchise competition between New Zealand, Australian and South African teams. A long established claim to being to standard bearer, and like Saracens, a side who hold the ‘double’.

Formed in the Canterbury region, this also sees the success of the Crusaders mirrored by Canterbury rugby. Winners of the Miter 10 Cup provincial competition, that side has provided many of the same players who represent the Crusaders.

A combined region that can currently call themselves near-incomparable to Saracens. Two Super Rugby titles in the last few years, with a run of Mitre 10 Cup titles that would rival all others.

The next comparison might be with Leinster. A participant of the Guinness Pro14, this side is a neighbouring competing club who directly compete against Saracens Rugby. This is in European Championship matches; and in particular, in successfully taking the 2018/19 Heineken Champions Cup final.

Leinster are the reigning Guinness Proi14 champions, and a team who themselves have held the dual titles of the Celtic League, and Europe. Although, not as consistently as Saracens have done.

Cross-Sport comparisons to Saracens Rugby success

There are several clubs in Football, who might be seen as comparable to Saracens.

Manchester City has in recent years, built up a strong presence in English Football. Multiple Premier League titles, beginning with the FA Cup in 2010/11, it led to a period of successive EPL titles, with the heralded ‘double’ achieved in 2018/19.

Like Saracens, they have forged a legacy that sees their name in the same tier as Chelsea and Manchester United. High respected for both combined titles, as much as their recent dominance.

And if the cross-sport comparisons continue, then Saracens Rugby can be judged beside the Golden State Warriors.

This side has created a modern era of consistency which even Sarcens might be envious of. Five years in contesting the NBA championship finals. Succeeding in claiming that title twice, to become near-unparalleled by others in recent memory.

And this is where any franchise, club or region can then write their names on a competition. Similar to the New England Patriots, in forging the same recent dynasty. A reputation for success.

The Saracens can now famously say ‘hold my trophies’ as yet another Premiership is notched on the clubs mantle. Their fifth title, and one that sees this club earn more respect and admiration. One where asking to ‘hold my trophies’ can be qualified with performance and high standards.

A standard now, that others look up to.


“Main video footage courtesy of Premiership Rugby”


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