World Rugby “Nations, Please Ready Your RWC 2023 Votes”

Former South Africa rugby international John Smit takes part in a press conference after South Africa presented their bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup in London on September 25, 2017 The World Rugby Council will hear the presentations from candidates France, Ireland and South Africa and the Rugby World Cup Board will make its recommendation on October 31 before the final decision on who will host the 10th edition is made on November 15. / AFP PHOTO / Glyn KIRK (Photo credit should read GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

The leading rugby playing nations are selecting sides to prepare for the busy November International window. From Tonga to Australia, Wales to New Zealand, the teams and leading figures of the game are becoming ready. For their figure heads, World Rugby will soon call on them – “nations, please ready your RWC 2023 Votes.”

This comes as sports consulting agencies have conducted research on the three countries that had made submissions to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. So with the leading nations representatives called to a Word Rugby presentation, the analysis findings will be shared on the pros and cons of each nation: Ireland, France and South Africa.

World Rugby will announce the findings of this assessment today and, although it doesn’t finalize who will host the tournament, the irecommendation may just reinforce choices that have been pre-told.

World Rugby “Nations, Please Ready Your RWC 2023 Votes”

Diplomatic Relations, Champagne and Bargaining

If anything is known about these discussions and in digesting the findings, all three countries bidding to host the 2023 event, have a large investment and budget available. Which ever nation is preferred, the final votes are counted on November 15 in a secret vote.

When submitting their bid, each presented the benefits of their nation. Many will want the assessment by the independent agency to support that information:

  • the assessment takes into consideration finance, infrastructure and stadia among other criteria
  • World Rugby area managers and independent area experts have assessed all three bids with inputs from functional experts.
Former Ireland international Brian O’Driscoll at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin for the announcement of details for Ireland’s bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. (Photo by Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images)

After today, World Rugby’s preference will be known by all nations. Then the individual and collective regions can assume ‘rugby diplomatic relations’ and look to formalize their decision.

A topic like RWC 2023 votes is both delicate, and is best discussed in appropriate environments. So during many of the November Internationals, delegates and VIPs will be wined and dined, entertained and if they still require information, then World Rugby or the bidding nations can clarify them.

As the game is played, bargaining may be a side-topic–but during this important period, even a TMO break could be an ideal time for a John Smit (see main photo) or Brian O’Driscoll to speak with the decision makers.

Rugby Relationships a Strong Bargaining Tool

Key regions and fellow rugby nations will have obviously been lobbied at this stage. The three nations have substantial clout and influence, and even if the decision went against one any of them–rugby relationships still need to be maintained.

So for the countries and associate nations, it might seem that regions will fall in line. South Africa could well rely on the Rugby Africa group votes, and if preferred by World Rugby, could then feel confident they can rely on votes.

Another point is, if you are unsuccessful, then the RWC 2023 votes might well also support future decisions on possible bids. Fail to gain World Rugby’s ‘vote of confidence’ now then rugby relationships could be strengthened, for 2027.

And, there are also talks to be made on the future rugby calendar, possible tour schedules and relationships that can be relied on to support the game within your country/region. It is all important, especially with Japan only two years away.

Nations Will be Asked “Nations, Please Ready Your RWC 2023 Votes”

The vote will be finalized by November 15, so meetings from now and for the next two weeks may be the catalyst to holding RWC 2023 Votes.

Those who will cast votes by November 15 are:

Australia (3 votes), England (3), New Zealand (3), Scotland (3), Wales (3), Italy (3), Argentina (3), Canada (1), Japan (2), Georgia (1), Romania (1), USA (1), Asia Rugby (2), Oceania Rugby (2), Rugby Africa (2), Rugby Americas North (2), Rugby Europe (2), Sudamerica Rugby (2).

Busy Month for World Rugby Delegates and Teams Alike

The important meeting comes during a busy month, as the governing body gets set for the World Rugby Hall of Fame inductions in Rugby, England on 10 November.

Prior to that, the Japan 2019 match schedule will be formalized. With final qualifiers still to be secured, it reminds teams and officials that two years out from Japan, it is approaching fast.

Then, after the consideration of information at this weeks meeting, the Rugby World Cup 2023 host announcement is officially made on 15 November, followed by the World Rugby Awards on 26 November, in Monaco.

So important decisions are to be made, as well as crucial matches played. A pivotal month in the rugby calendar, so enjoy the results and keep an ear at the ready, for the host announcement on November 15.


UPDATE: Read the World Rugby Board announcement here.


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