The Significance of the Singha 7s (excerpt)

EXETER, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 23: during the Singha Premiership Rugby 7s Series match between and at Sandy Park on July 9, 2016 in Exeter, England. (Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images)

Last Word On Sports, by Molly Smith

With the Premiership Rugby season just around the corner, the annual Singha 7s tournament gives supporters a bite size taste of the thrill, passion and fierce competition they can expect when the main league gets underway.

Some sceptics see it as an excuse for clubs to keep revenue ticking over during the off-season months; charging fans to watch the lesser-known players make their mark. Others dampen spirits by labeling it as ‘not important’. This is an attempt to devalue the achievement of qualifying through to the final stages of the competition. However, with Sevens making it’s highly anticipated debut at the Rio Olympic Games in a matter of days; now is the perfect time for this form of the much loved sport to come into the limelight.

Opportunity for Players

In the midst of the top-league battle of the Premiership and it’s star players who prove heroes in victory and defeat, it’s easy to forget their younger, less experienced teammates who train day in, day out but receive very little of the glory. With the removal of LV Cup from last year’s calendar, there was scarce opportunity to prove their worth. There was little chance to rub shoulders with the top dogs of the Premiership in fear of replacing more dependable and certain players… more here

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